Sweetwater Reunion – Oliver’s Quiet


“Sweetwater Reunion” is five talented but very different individuals who don’t agree about much–at least, not without “discussion.” Until 1994, we lived in separate worlds. But we found one another in a common love for American acoustic music. Just as I was planning my second cassette of original music, the result is “Oliver’s Quiet”, a most uncommon and exciting cassette and CD (we couldn’t agree on just one format). The band members used traditional bluegrass instruments to interpret music. Mostly original, relying on years of experience in folk, jazz, and northern bluegrass.

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Track Listing

1. (Who'll Be The) Next One In Your Life
2. Ready For The Times
3. McCarter's Tennessee
4. Cold Bare Feet
5. Oliver's Quiet
6. Juniata
7. Jesus I Am Resting Resting
8. Sawdust
9. There's No Use In Singing The Blues
10. Second Chance
11. Grizzlies On The Kenai
12. What's A Farm To Do
13. Strange Fire
14. Woodpecker On The Porch
15. (I Miss Your) Gentle Touch

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