Mixing Motivational Music & Stories Is
Kj’s Calling

Kj is a singer, songwriter, performer and motivational speaker, who travels and performs throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Upcoming Events

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April 4, Gwynedd Estates

Ambler, PA

Peter Yarnell Park

Township Of Derry, PA

Jun 1

Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village

Lewisburg, PA

Jun 3

Northumberland Park

Northumberland, PA

Jun 10

West End Library

Laurelton, PA

Jun 12

Eagles Mere Antique Show

Eagles Mere, PA

Jul 6

St. Matthews Lutheran Church

Shamokin Dam, PA

Jul 14


Kj is a bright and shining star

Kj is a bright and shining star in the galaxy.  She can pick up your spirits and give you the strength to continue even during the darkest of times.  Her smile is infectious and she leaves everything and everyone better than when she found them.  Since we met her years ago, she has become a very important part of our family.
Nancy Regopoulos
Retired Educator, Parent of two special needs young adults

Impossible to forget

I have had the opportunity to experience Kj’s inspiration on many different occasions, and I do really mean it when I say inspiration.  From listening to her motivational speaking, embracing such a positive outlook on life, and entertaining in the community, to spreading the word about PA’s agriculture and sharing songs with students at school events, I’ve witnessed Kj's music touch the hearts of many.  My students immediately fall in love with Kj’s music each year, and it isn’t long before I hear a classroom full of voices singing along to their favorite songs. Kj is not only a musician and an active community member, but a woman who embraces the fact that every day is truly a blessing, and someone who, without a doubt, is impossible to forget.
Katie Kling
Teacher/Milton Area School District

Thanks for all that you do for us

We were working in non-action verbs yesterday (am, is, are, was, were) and the kids brought up your way of putting those words to a chant type song to remember them! I told them I would let you know, Kj! Thanks for all that you do for us 🙂
Jen Harter
2nd grade Teacher

Kj was such a big hit

Kj was such a big hit at our 43rd Annual Arts and Crafts Festival in historic Eagles Mere, PA, that we’ve invited her back for the 44th and look forward to having her on our roster of artists in the future. Ours is an outdoor festival so it can present a challenge to a performer to hold the attention of the exhibitors and crowds.  But Kj 's lovely voice, charming and personable manner, and wonderful array of songs old and new, including those she has written, drew rave reviews on the evaluations we collect from the attendees. We know they will welcome her back.
Dick Deasy
Eagles Mere Festival Promotor

Great influence and entertainer

Kj has performed at our Library many times, and each time is a fresh, fun, and enjoyable experience. She has such a great influence and entertainer.  Her voice and songs are uplifting, catchy, and fun. The children, as well as the adults, love having her visit. KJ has become a staple for our Summer Reading program.  She has a way of making each and every child feel special and welcome.
Beth Fegley
Mount Carmel Area Public Library Children's Summer Reading Coordinator

You are her hero!

Kj, Because of you, our granddaughter is tremendously inspired with her guitar playing!  We bought her a used Martin Guitar for Christmas because she is advancing so well, writing her own songs.  I wish she could spend some time with you, perhaps this summer, to improve her skills.  You are her hero!
Anne Lawrence
Retired Music Teacher

What a great show today! 

What a great show today!   Thanks for all the hard work and organization to the all 2nd grade teachers and students and Kj.  As the person who writes the check for the PTO, now I understand why you bring Kj in and have continued to do so for the last couple of years!  She is amazing! I am so glad that I got out of work to see it.   I really enjoyed it!   The kids did so well. Thank you. Truly Impressed.
Melanie Olsen
parent/and also Senior Accountant

Pleasure from start to finish

Kj was referred to us for a leadership event and working with her was a pleasure from start to finish. She has a pleasant demeanor that is clearly genuine. Her message and real-life examples convey a simple, but powerful message of kindness and understanding.
Fred Gaffney
Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce