Dreaming Inside Her Mind


“Dreaming Inside Her Mind” is like hopping on a whimsical musical carousel that whirls you through the playful musings and heartfelt emotions of singer-songwriter Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner. With its quirky blend of folk, acoustic, and introspective melodies, this album playfully nudges listeners to take a joyous romp through the fanciful landscapes of imagination, memory, and a touch of wistful longing.

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Track Listing

1. Rollerbladin' Maiden
2. My Guitar
3. Who You Are
4. Too Much Tea
5. Carrie's Quilt
6. Girlfriend Night
7. Angel With Me
8. Charlie Musser's Store
9. Dalguise Road
10. Caitlyn Renee
11. A Dream Of The Light
12. I Wish It Were Me
13. Song Of Life
14. Home in Scotland

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