Kj has a song for everyone. Entertaining families and audiences of all ages as a solo performer (also with other performers, at times), she reels people in as soon as she speaks her first Hello!

A favorite at festivals, conventions, concert halls, schools, universities and more, Kj not only wears her heart on her sleeve in life issues but also includes her audiences in participation… a thoroughly enjoyable time spent singing and laughing.

Music Videos

Originally booked as a singer-songwriter for more adult shows at festivals, concerts and coffeehouses, Kj has more recently swung between BOTH the adult and family worlds in oftentimes providing dual bookings of family concerts by day and more adult concerts by evening to be an even-more-sought-after performer.

Although her six and twelve-string guitars remain her main accompaniment in her shows, you’ll often see Kj toting her 5-string banjo, mandolin, lap dulcimer, autoharp, keyboard or djembe drum for songs best written and performed on these instruments. Or in downsizing to be more portable, Kj shines evermore with a cappella songs felt with heart and soul.

Motivational Speaking

Whether it’s…

  • teaching proper nutrition with audiences with flair by “acting out” food groups & the food pyramid with audience participation
  • singing and speaking about positive attitude in the work place while changing environments for the better
  • talking and singing about death and dying at hospice conferences
  • and other tailor-made programs

…Kj’s there.