Meet Me On The Rail Trail

(Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner)

Meet me on the Rail Trail... my home away from home
See me at my full sail...when I bike alone
Oh, you can see the sunset or watch it on the rise
On the up your eyes.
Meet me on the Rail evening or at morn
Stress can be derailed there and feel yourself reborn
You can see the world there, behind the busy roads
On the far as you can go
I've seen a cow give birth there, just east of Mifflinburg
I've watched a skunk unearthed there, as screams were loudly heard
I've known friendships formed there between the link of towns
On the where it's found...
(Instrumental verse)
I've seen babies there, with first steps on the ground
I've seen old folks there, still rambling around
I've seen lovers there who've walked there hand in hand
On the trail...I understand
Meet me on the Rail Trail...put the car away
You can finally exhale and celebrate the day
From Lewisburg on west, or from Mifflinburg's a quest
On the trail....on the trail...on the trail
Your heart feels best.
On the trail....on the trail...on the trail

Thoughts From The Trail...
The composing of �Meet Me On The Rail Trail�

(Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner)

The very first time I hit the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace. It was one of those early mornings when no other human was on the trail but me. I could hear the birds singing, I could feel the chill in the air. I felt so �full� with all that was around me. And I began to hum a bit as I biked. Life was so good. And since then, it continues to be my therapy in so many definitions of life

That day and also now, I'm still riding my Raleigh Record ten-speed � with just a few upgraded parts � the one I purchased from lawn mowing and birthday gift money when I was twelve years old. And each time I hop on the trail on this bike, memories are stirred of all the years of freedom this bike has given to me. And it provides more and more collective thoughts and dreams.

I wrote �Meet Me On The Rail Trail� because I noticed, as more became aware of the Rail Trail, it became a meeting place for so many. Those who lived in one town, joined others from another town at the half-way mark and would ride, run or walk together. I noticed that it was the �intergenerational place� to be. People in their seventies who were walking the trail would smile and say hello to the young folks just testing the trail for the first time. New friendships were formed. And the natural setting provided the environmental experience of viewing the birthing of calves, the spotting of ground hogs and skunks, the daily chores on a farm, the activity from the backside of an ice cream shop, the sounds of the traffic from a nearby road off to the distance.

The meter of the song is representative of the pace at which I slow on my bike to experience the many sounds and smells all around me, and view all that is to the side of me. The movement from major key to a few minor changes depicts the mystery of what's seen on the trail. The �stepping� down on the bass and guitar parts represent the pedal work on my bike. And the �unresolved� ending to the song offers the feeling of the endless, beautiful ride...and future visits there. I'm hoping the listener can hear all that I was capturing as I was writing the song.

I feel truly fortunate that we have such an �escape route� in our that brings so many together at times for a healthy experience...and one that can offer me solitude just when I need that.

Yes, �you can finally exhale and celebrate the day.� � Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner
s(Also printed in Susquehanna Life magazine)