Here are some words from her younger audiences…

“I had such fun at the assembly! One of my favorite things about it was when you sang about your guitar. Were you really only 12 years old when you wrote it? I loved the music.” – Krystal

“I liked when you had us get up to dance. I also like when you did that one song that everyone laughed along with in the song…and I liked the song that you made up when you were 12…You told me I could do that. Can I really do that?” – Spencer

“I really liked seeing you, KJ. My favorite part of the show was when we stood up and danced to your music. It was great! – Scott

“I liked the songs that you did on the guitar. I might write a song sometime soon. Tell me when you write new songs you want to share with us again!” – Sara

“I really like your songs. I felt good about myself for once because I don't have many friends.” -- Nick “Thank you for coming to our school. You touched my heart when you sang that last song about your best friend. It was the most beautiful thing that I've ever heard. And thank you for letting me sing with you. Today was one of the best days ever because of you. Now I know what self-esteem really means. And it meant so much to me to see you.” – Alexa

“I'm really happy that you came to our school and did those cool songs. And the songs with all the weird words! I hope you will do this every year for other students, too. But the main thing is I am happy that you came.” – Daniel

“I want to see you again. Can you do another show? I think you are the biggest fun around.” – Cody

“I thought it was a WONDERFUL performance I like the part when you asked some people to come up on stage. I think that it's cool how you write your own songs.” – Lauren

“It's FUN when you got people up to help you sing and act stuff out. It was a great show. Thanks!” -- Timothy

“Thank you for coming to sing at our school. When I heard we were going to have an assembly, I thought it would be boring. But it wasn't. You make it a fun hour for a lot of kids. It's good that you talk about self-esteem because some kids don't act like their ‘self' sometimes, because they think they won't fit in with other kids. When you sing it sounds like you love it because you smile all the time when you sing.” – Lauren