KJSmile, Inc. (non-profit)

KJSmile, Inc., founded in January 2003, is a non-profit corporation designed to accentuate the positives of life in all ages�to promote healthy self-esteem and harmony through song/story. Through its community programs, it focuses on the reasons to stay positive in life and ways to better the world from the inside out. And for youth programs, it also encourages the positives of individuality, therefore decreasing the risk of drug use, and relational aggression tactics often used in attempts to “fit in”, especially by young people. Specially tailored programs are also available. Her most popular program, ”Smile a While...Celebrates YOU“ continues to cross the country.

Contributions through charitable/non-profit organizations, special needs camps and retreats and other similar facilities, a variety of community organizations, churches, PTOs, public & private schools/universities, preschools, scouting troops, hospitals, retirement centers --and individuals -- are the main sources of financial support for the organization. For comments from organizations & individuals benefiting from KJ�s entertaining programs, see further through the organization�s website (www.kjsmile.com). The corporation also applies for grants from charitable private foundations.

For more information
(Including Employment Identification Number-EIN)
regarding KJSmile, Inc.:
Email: [email protected]
Write: KJSmile, Inc., P.O. Box 77, Lewisburg, PA 17837
or Call 570-523-8939.
Donations are kindly appreciated at any time.

President   K.J. Reimensnyder-Wagner

Vice President   Carol Oberlin

Secretary   Brenna Cameron-Wolfe

Treasurer   Kay Shenk

Director   Laurie S. Frederick