Kayla Marie, what do you see
As you gaze around at the room
The world’s really grown since you were alone
All tucked inside of the womb
Well, your life has begun and is stocked full of fun
With people and places to see
And flowers will bloom when you come in the room
To celebrate Kayla Marie

Kayla Marie, what do you see
From a one-year-old’s point of view
Do people look tall and do kittens look small
And is the sky really blue
Well, the years, they will fly with giggles and cries
As you master this thing we call “life”
And birds, they will sing and church bells will ring
To celebrate Kayla Marie

Kayla Marie, what will you see
As the moon and stars shine above
You’ll learn all the things that life has to bring
You’ll frown and smile and love
And you’ll skin up your knees while climbing the trees
But your parents will cry more than you
Since that lovely morn the day you were born
We celebrate Kayla Marie -- Yes, we celebrate Kayla Marie

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