Over by the Middlecreek, not far from Middlecreek Dam
There was a little general store, the best store in the land
With the help of his wife and family, Charlie Muster was proprietor
And on Saturday’s we’d all go down to Charlie Musser’s Store

(CHORUS) At Charlie Musser’s General Store you could buy most anything
Amish hats, baseball bats and kite flyin’ string
And he had carbide lamps, pots for plants, bib overalls by the score
And on Saturday’s we’d all go down to Charlie Musser’s Store

Well, Musser’s store was full of stuff, some aisles you could hardly get through
But if you couldn’t find what you were lookin’ for, here’s all you had to do
“Now say Charlie, do you have this thing?” and he’d smile at you because
He knew it was there in the store somewhere, and he knew right where it was


Well, I went into Musser’s store one day ‘cuz I thought I had him this time!
I need a right-threaded widget for a washing machine built in 1879!
He said, “Now KJ, you’re in luck!” And I felt my knees get weak
We just took ‘em off the delivery truck and they’re on sale all this week!


Now one sad day I heard the news that Musser’s was for sale
He sold the store to a couple of nice guys but without Charlie, it was doomed to fail
Then some rich men thought they’d replace it all – the hardware, groceries and such
So they built the Susquehanna Valley Mall --but they still don’t have as much as…


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