When did it happen, feet started tapppin’
When did the love waltz unfold
It went in hooking while neither was looking
New love just captured their souls

She said it was “frightening,” and he said “enlightening”
Feeling that uncertain pain
Knowin’ their new ways meant ending old days
And startin’ all over again

And he’ll sing her a tune and dance her around the room
He’ll whisper so tender, “This time’s forever”
While dancin’ the “New Lovers’ Waltz”

He planted a tree and said this should be
A symbol of undyin’ love
And she gave him the sky to symbolize why
They’d reach for the stars up above

The feelings, they grew, though neither one knew
Any emotion so strong
Wanting to spend each day ‘til life’s end
Dancin’ there where they belong


So now they are dancing and also romancing
Silhouettes under the moon
Holding each other, forever lovers
Singin’ this new lovers’ tune

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