When she was young she’d ride the swing
And wonder what was out there.
The big, wide world was hers to have
She’d whisper, “Girl, get out there”
Such dreams behind the ponytails,
And choices to be made.
No bound’ries for a wide-eyed girl
Behind those swingin’’ braids.

Well, years go fast and days go slow
And moments live inside you
Well, life is filled with ups and downs
Let your angel guide you

The little girl of long ago
Trades ponytails for rings
She’s tried to fit the role she’s made
But dreams so when she sings
“Why is life so filled with choice?”
She wonders what she’s lost
But ties her wings so she can’t fly
For freedom has a cost


And when the road turns into path
And you must then decide
Hang on to that which rules your heart and
Set out for your ride...


One day she allows her dreams
To come out from the shadows
She lets her heart escape awhile
To find what truly matters
She finds a swing to sail above
Her many thoughts and fears
And grabs the ponytails of life
She shed along the years


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