Walking here from the station with the moon up above,
I arrived here in town last night
And as I stood in the doorway and heard each voice ring,
I knew my decision was right

Cuz I’m home, yes, I’m home
In Scotland, here I’m home
In this Real Music Bar*, you can follow your star
In Scotland, here I’m home

In this town of Dunkeld, quite a ways from the noise,
There’s a pure sense of pride for the land
It’s as if the town’s marked to be special somehow
To be blessed by a true angel’s hand.


In the garden out front you can hear the birds sing
And the River Tay echoes behind
For the one who lives fast with life on the move
It’s a place that brings peace to the mind


You can travel the world to find who you are
When it’s sometimes right there in your soul
It is hidden by hurry, by life on the run
But you never feel full ‘til you’re whole


For the people I’ve met, for the family I’ve found
Well, I want you to hear something so
Through this song that I sing, I want you to know
In Scotland, here I’m home

CHORUS (substitute “heart” for “star”)

(*Written for Dougie and Jennie MacLean and their “Real Music Bar,” Dunkeld Scotland.)

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