Here’s to those inside me, family and friends
The root of all my memories -- there until the end
You’re the light within my darkness, the winds on which I sail
You’re the fabric I am made of woven in these tales

Here’s to all the good times, to laughter and to mirth
Here’s to all the trials, tears spilled on this earth
For both have helped to shape me and make me who I am
And guide me toward the days to come to help me understand

Here’s to the one I will carry in my soul
And here’s to Mom & Dad and the love to make me whole
And here’s to my sisters who’ve always played a part
This song is what I give you -- You’re always in my heart

Here’s to all tomorrows and good times yet to be
And here’s to all the angels who often carry me
Here’s to every sunrise and sunset still to come
And moments found beneath them -- Together -- shared as one

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