When I was a young girl my family would travel
We’d head out of the city for another life upstate
And we’d take the north extension and Route 80 for awhile
And when we got close I’d smile

And say “It’s Mifflinburg” -- not far from the Susquehanna
Mifflinburg, just head out 45
Though at times my feet are restless, one thing’s planted firm
Well, my heart will always be in Mifflinburg

Each summer morn we’d wake up and visit O.R. Laney’s
‘Cause that five and dime could stock more toys than any store I knew
Then we’d head down to the town park where we’d swim ‘til it was night
And my friends and I would bike home with our lights

In Mifflinburg...

Now that I’m older well, I think of all those years
When life seemed so easy and there was nothing there to fear
We’d just sit there at the sub shop and we’d watch the boys go by
Oh, but the years move on...no one knows why

‘Though my music life can take me to other towns and cities
It always feels the best when I return to what I know
Where the people are my family and the streets are filled with love
And I thank my lucky stars above...

For Mifflinburg...

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