International Concerts

On one dreary day several years ago, a CD of Scottish folksinger, Dougie MacLean found its way to KJ’s stereo and she quickly realized how parallel their lives seemed to be through music – yet clear across the water in a different land. Not long after, with the encouragement and kindness of Dougie and Jenny MacLean and Dunkeld Records, KJ found herself arriving in Scotland, performing at the famous “Real Music Bar” in Dunkeld and then on to perform at Glen Farg, Dalguise and Inverness. Attached to that same trip were gigs in Dublin and Galway, Ireland, as well.

“I’m struck by the beauty of the music...and the beauty of the land and its people.,” says KJ. “They have SO much to offer…and I’m such a sponge to want to hear more and long to learn more! And most of all, their kindness in their willingness to share their musical souls with me continues to keep them always in my thoughts – even when I returned to America.”

KJ now returns each year to the UK, not only playing throughout the countryside in coffeehouses, pubs, and at festivals but also singing at rehab hospitals and for the “wee ones” in the regional schools and also on Heartland Radio. Her “Dreaming Inside Her Mind” CD features two songs specifically for the kind folks and beautiful land of Scotland… "Dalguise Road” (for music promoters and friends, Nick and Joy Allmark) and “Home In Scotland” (for Dougie and Jenny MacLean and the friends of the former Real Music Bar at the Taybank).

“Nothing is more inspiring than hearing my own lyrics come back to me -- being sung by an audience with lovely Scottish accents! I anxiously look forward to every magical trip to my favorite second land.”

Celtic Sampler highlights KJ's international music. Listen to some tracks from that album below.

  1. Mary Mack
  2. Haul Away
  3. Scotsman's Kilt
  4. Stranger
  5. Home in Scotland