Positive Faith

Whether it’s singing with young folks in Sunday Schools, performing songs of positives such as hope, peace and gentleness in churches during worship services or pastoral receptions, KJ continues to feed positive energy to this world.

“What we all need is to believe in something good…something positive,” says KJ. “I’ve found that when this country is in turmoil, we can pull together (such as immediately following September 11th) or we’ll pull drastically apart (such as in political shifts in recent times). Through music, I’ve found that getting “back to the basics” of faith through singing traditional hymns, as well as in performing contemporary Christian melodies and original songs of peace, we all can come together and celebrate this gift of life we’ve all been given. There’s so much power in love. And so much love in faith. It’s my choice to follow the positives.”

Don’t be surprised to see even the most conservative churchgoer standing up to hug a friend or echoing a sing of peace as part of KJ’s songs. She welcomes “sing-a-alongs” and congregational participation through echoes and handmotions.

KJ comes to any function for a Love offering to cover expenses.