KJ – Behind The Scenes

Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Motivational Speaker “KJ” has a short first name since her last name of Reimensnyder-Wagner is extremely LONG! Those who know her and know her music, realize that just the initials “KJ” are all you need to recognize this positive-energy performer throughout the US and UK.

Having been left at a camp long after other children were picked up one summer (due to a scheduling misunderstanding between parents and camp), KJ turned a scary situation into a profitable one at the age of eight. The counselor who stayed behind to meet her parents later that evening was a guitar player who began teaching KJ guitar chords and encouraged her to overcome any obstacles in life through music! At the age of 12, KJ received her first guitar from her parents, originally meant for KJ AND her two sisters. But KJ immediately fell in love with this guitar and took it over!

Once shy KJ, could then begin writing songs that year, celebrating the birth of puppies, honoring neighbors and friends through song lyrics and then later battling the blues of teenage love-losses through guitar therapy shortly after. As she matured, songs spoke of land conservation ideas, overcoming physical challenges by others (spokesperson for Cancer and RSD), and the stories of fine people who have filled her travel schedule with “home-like” situations – and lyrics- throughout the years.

Originally booked as a singer-songwriter for more adult shows at festivals, concerts and coffeehouses, KJ has more recently swung between BOTH the adult and family worlds in oftentimes providing dual bookings of family concerts by day and more adult concerts by evening to be an even-more-sought-after performer.

Although her six and twelve-string guitars remain her main accompaniment in her shows, you’ll often see KJ toting her 5-string banjo, mandolin, lap dulcimer, autoharp, keyboard or djembe drum for songs best written and performed on these instruments. Or in downsizing to be more portable, KJ shines evermore with a cappella songs felt with heart and soul.

KJ now travels with seven CD projects in hand… “PonyTales,” “Dreaming Inside Her Mind,” and “Proud to be a Farmer” for mostly adult audiences. And also features “Simply Kids,” “Agriculture is a BIG Word,” and “Farms, Food & FUN!” for family audiences. Her previous band “Sweetwater Reunion” is also close to her heart with their CD entitled “Oliver’s Quiet.” Closer to home, KJ often is joined by her band mates, Joey DeCristopher and Henry Koretzky of Sweet Nothings. In traveling farther from home, she performs as a solo artist or is joined by talented regional performers.

As KJ travels the US AND UK, she has also begun recording a Celtic-style CD for her fans of her Scottish and Irish favorites. And a few of her previous CDs have already touched on this style of singing. Her second “base of operations” is in Central Scotland where she returns as often as scheduling allows.

In recent years, KJ has been chosen as the Keynote Speaker for many conferences featuring healthy attitudes and career inspiration, dedications and opportunities she cherishes and continues to accept.

After being raised between the suburbs of Philadelphia and the small town of Mifflinburg in summers, KJ is now a resident of central Pennsylvania, near the small college town of Lewisburg. But with traveling so much, KJ realizes she finds “home” no matter where she is at the time and looks forward to her times out on the road. For more of KJ, check out www.kjsmile.com.