Agricultural Music

KJ has a song for everyone. Entertaining families and audiences of all ages as a solo performer (also with the Sweet Nothings band at times), she reels people in as soon as she speaks her first Hello! A multi-album independent recording artist who has established herself as a sought-after performer on the U.S. Folk Festival circuit, KJ’s currently touring with her most recent music project dedicated to farmers and those who love the country life.

KJ’s songs of life and love for farms and small towns are currently being spotlighted through her newest agricultural-spun CD, “Proud To Be a Farmer,” which is currently being promoted across the United States and United Kingdom. Her songs touch on such subject matters as love and magic on the farm (“The Tractor Hums” and “Gold”), songs of frustration in land development (“City Man” and “What’s A Farm To Do”), tunes in support of small town ways (“Old Porch Swing” and “Charlie Musser’s Store”), music dedicated to her farmer friends in Scotland (“Stranger”) and tributes to the special farmers who give their all each day (“Pennsylvania Farmer” and “Proud To Be A Farmer”).

A favorite at festivals, conventions, granges and banquets, KJ not only wears her heart on her sleeve in life issues but also includes her audiences in participation… a thoroughly enjoyable time spent singing and laughing.

“KJ’s music embodies the spirit of rural America and our agricultural heritage,” says MeeCee Baker, PHD, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Versant Strategies and former Agriculture Education Coordinator for Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture. “She touches the souls of audience members with a pureness of purpose not often found in society today.”

KJ has a talent that is refreshing and full of fun for her audiences.  She has the ability to adapt to any audience and brings with her a sense of belonging.  I would highly recommend this musical adventure to anyone.”
  Maryruth Wagner
District Manager
 Columbia Co. Conservation District
KJ uses her music like a brush…and paints you a picture of life in rural America.  You will experience a full range of emotions listening to her. She makes you laugh, and she will bring tears  to your eyes.”
Frank Jurbala
Market Development
PA Department of Agriculture
“The magic of KJ’s music defines the way of life, as well as the challenges, of our farmers today.  Being a farmer, I am touched by
 the story her music tells about the heritage of agriculture.
I highly recommend it.”
Dennis C Wolff
Former Secretary of the PA Department of Agriculture
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Lewisburg, PA